Flea Market Diva 

Turning Trash into Treasures

Flea Market Diva offers several several services under one company. The First, of course is the Flea Market. Finding and reselling is what we do. We are committed to quality, value and we stand on our word. It is impossible to put our complete inventory online. However you are welcome to contact us at anytime to inquire about a special item you are looking for or to find out what location we are currently set up in. It is the goal of Flea Market Diva to purchase warehouse space in a good location real soon. As you can imagine that is a challenge. In the meantime we are generally set up at Brightleaf Flea Market in Smithfield or the Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

In addition to the Flea Market, Flea Market Diva is a full service cleaning service. We clean for cash and barter. Bartering makes us unique and a premier in the Raleigh area. What is bartering? Bartering means we are not working for cash or we work for part cash, part merchandise. Say you have a garage that you need cleaned out. In that garage are treasures such as an old vacuum, grandma's old quilts, a few boxes no one even remember what is in them...etc. We will do an estimate on the job and it is very possible we will do it for those old treasures rather than cash.

Another example is if you have rental property and it needs to be "rent or sale ready" ASAP. You want to keep your own cost down and notice the former tenants left behind a bunch of "stuff."  We come out, do an estimate and it is possible we will get it rent ready for free based on the "stuff".

My favorites is stores closing. After inventory is removed and the store is ready to be cleaned, we come in and can do the clean for cash or left behind merchandise.

Its the perfect solution when you need the extra help without going over a budget or spending a lot.